Insulated Curtain Sider

JG Schulz Motor Body Builders, Adelaide, South Australia - Curtain Siders - Insulated Curtain Sider

Insulated curtainsider bodies again can be produced in varying lengths from 4 metres to 10 metres.

All bodies have -

A heavy duty 125mm thick front wall, fully insulated, with frame to support refrigeration unit,

Channel base,

5mm thick checkerplate floor, with 100mm insulation underneath.

A heavy duty welded roof frame with swept bows to prevent drumming and one piece aluminium roof sheet, 100mm thick insulation with galvanised sheet ceiling,

Polyweld insulated curtains fitted with easy glide rollers and track,

Heavy duty front ratchet tensioners (rear tensioners are optional),

Bodies may be fitted with double rear insulated barn doors, insulated solid back or a tailgate loader closing as the rear door,

Bodies over 5 metres have a sliding centre post.